Are looking for that higher-level edge and discovering clues to becoming more successful?

Consistent high performance occurs with your assignments when you have the necessary flow and when you are performing your task successfully with quality involuntary responses.  However, when you need to refocus after change has occurred, or when you have to change your attention to resolve an issue, how quickly can you bring your self back to that relaxed and involuntary state?  How successful are you?  If you would like to improve on those scenarios you can reach me for coaching here.  You can read this wonderful book by W. Timothy Gallwey, The Inner Game of Tennis.  I found this book when I was working at a large media corporation 10 years ago.   I received a lateral promotion that expanded the technical scope of my daily assignments and responsibilities.  I was Master Control Operator, operating three of my corporation’s largest Television Networks. I was highly dedicated and motivated to collaborate and find solutions to every technical challenge I faced with my exceptional, technical team. To keep my focus and my performance level on the right-track to success, I searched for some clues and resources. I was searching and exploring being able to apply and fuse better habits and methods into my overall contribution to my team’s daily output for our Network Operation Center. the_inner_game_of_tennisThe fantastic book during that exploration process was The Inner Game of Tennis by W. Timothy Gallwey.  I personally found it has the right answers you desire, when you wish to achieve high-level performance in whatever you do.  This book is almost like a bible for every professional tennis player these days.  When I was working for another large media corporation, which televised all of the Four Men’s and Women’s Tennis Majors, occasionally, I would hear players during their interviews, and during their Press Conferences, mentioning  The Inner Game of Tennis by W. Timothy Gallwey.  This validated all my thoughts and perspectives, hearing them describe  how great this book is, as a resource for inspiration, motivation and focus. As a Career Coach, I recommend this book for the mind-body connection; relaxed concentration techniques; the focus of your mind to overcome nervousness and self-doubt; and building skills for high levels of performance.  These are very valuable approaches to your performance.  They are not just for those looking to succeed on the Tennis Court, but those looking to get answers how to get from “Point A to Point B” or to “fine-tune” your “on-the-job-performance”.  This book will guide you towards the right path to achieving your career goals and objectives.  So if you are looking for that “higher-level-edge” and discovering clues to becoming more successful, I recommend that you get a copy of  The Inner Game of Tennis by, W. Timothy Gallwey.  After reading this wonderful book, you would like to work on applying all these insightful techniques, please contact me for coaching here.

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