As a Manager are you embracing a healthy coaching culture and utilizing the strengths and skills of your HR, Business Partner?

HR, Business Partners are strategic individuals that work with Business Managers on personnel issues, business issues and serve as change agents to drive organizational transformation.  A healthy coaching culture enables the organization to set goals and objectives to achieve results and sustain high performance.  Effective feedback enables HR and Management to understand and identify high and low performers.



A trained and skilled “HR Business Partner” should enable HR and Business Managers the resources and development they seek to enhance organizational people managing skills.  This helps to foster current high performers in their organization to grow into future leaders.  One idea or innovation that has become known recently   is an implementation of Corporate Universities.  This type of program enables the staff to get the proper classes and training necessary to sustain enhanced success and knowledge.

It remains consistent however that the HR Business Partner still needs to provide hard facts that would be integrated into their Business Managers training so they could accept Human Resources role as an effective valued partner for their business.   Unfortunately, many Managers do not respect the role HR plays inside their Organization.  The HR Business Partner therefore becomes a strategic key to unlocking the programs used to enhance talent management, leadership development and organizational development.

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