Become a High-Performing Leader and Earn a Well-Respected Reputation!

One barrier that tends to creep up on employees at all levels of any company is the gap of fusing Empathy with Emotional Intelligence and attuning them towards your reputation and performance output. The other barrier is your Cultural Intelligence Level and your values towards Embracing Diversity.  There are many successful Managers, Supervisors or Team Leaders, which have a deep ability and technical-breadth in their Industry/Trade/Profession and still are deficient in this critical importance as they lead their teams.  All of those leaders have experience delivering high performance on challenging tasks, and assignments, and have made huge progress in their careers, as they worked their way up their company ladder. The fact of the matter is many aren’t even aware how important having a attuned fusion of empathy and emotional intelligence, could actually help propel, and advance their careers to even, higher, and more successful levels.

The 5 key criteria to making even higher career advances fast is by leading the way in:

  1. Cultural Intelligence – IQ
  2. Embracing Diversity – Social Awareness
  3. Emotional Intelligence – Relationship Management
  4. Attuned Empathy towards your community – Your Potential
  5. Values – Inspirational Leadership

The fusion of the 5 critical criteria will demonstrate that you are a leader with a well-respected, personal brand!  Once all that is in place, you’ll serve and lead your teams highly effectively! Open yourself up, embrace education and learning.  Discover, explore, learn, understand and embrace forming connections with other cultures, other beliefs, other genders and sexual orientations. Fully attune your empathy into expanding and learning about cultures and people all around the world. Embracing and discovering a deeper cultural, spiritual affection towards the world around you will have many positive results for you and the rest of your community, staff and teams. You could deepen your Cultural Intelligence through reading this wonderful poetry book  here.

My services for young adults encourages clients to explore and discover building better private habits, skills, knowledge and practices.  To improve your personal and private brand includes a expanded understanding of the application of  the 5 critical criteria mentioned above. Again, they are:

  1. Cultural Intelligence – IQ
  2. Embracing Diversity – Social Awareness
  3. Emotional Intelligence – Relationship Management
  4. Attuned Empathy towards your community – Your Potential
  5. Values – Inspirational Leadership

Those that ignore the 5 criteria, and don’t grow understand their vital importance, will find themselves in small tenures. You also may already be in managerial and or leadership positions before these criteria become completely remolded, polished and repackaged into positive, personal and private brands. Do you see a need to work and develop some personal re-branding strategies?   You could read a little bit more about that here.  See, Coaching is a safe place to develop and grow the critical criteria which embody our future leaders.  Its a confidential, safe and private service so please reach out to me, I’ll work with you, as you move forward.

Therefore, here is my suggestion, if you feel that you may need to improve these critical skills, do it right away! Don’t wait! Contact me for coaching here. Coaching is the proper place to set you safely on the right path to success and its a great place to turn for a private and honest “confidentiality”, “safety-nets” and “sounding-boards”.  As a Coach, I partner with you, and together we work on personal branding, personal re-branding, interpersonal communication skills, active listening skills and self-improvement. Through Coaching, you can discover empowering skills, to flourish, and leading by example.  You’ll grow into a very effective, and well-connected leader.  For more information related to my suite of services, you can go here. I wish all of you the very best, I’m here for you!

Wonderful strategies on job searching, successful interviewing and negotiating!

Your Career: What's Next?

Clients come to a Career Coach because they are looking for a resource to achieve higher performance, positive results and accomplish their goals, dreams and objectives. My company and provides young adults, 18-35 with a source to turn to when they are stuck in life, when they are noticing they have a ‘dead-end-job’ and have dreams of doing something else. My services are also a source for young adults to make career transitions out of their part-time employment and into a corporate position. It’s a place for young adults who may be in their dream career and are looking to get to that higher level and earning their promotion. I service the young adult community and assist them in designing actions that will help them accomplish and achieve all their goals. For a free coaching consultation, you can contact me here.

You could also enjoy a wonderful book that will provide you with fantastic information and expanded knowledge, towards having a successful interview and landing your “dream job.”  When you reach out to me I’d love to hear your accounts of the book, Your Career: What’s Next “The Job Seekers Step-by-step Handbook of Common Sense and Uncommon Strategies” by, Michael Mayher.  It will certainly serve as a great resource as you strive to find your job and launch your career to higher levels.  You’ll learn valuable ideas and strategies such as, how to build your “search plan.”  Other great discussions and topics include interview skills, negotiating and overcoming not getting your job offer. These are all situations that many young adults experience as they pursuit their employment endeavors.

Mayer’s book absolutely helps all young adults learn and execute great strategies.   He provides real-life examples of successes and failures of various job seekers that he has seen from working in the field.  He uses humor very well to make his points direct, clear and to engage his audience.  My  favorite example is a client that went to a management interview wearing a unbuttoned collar dress shirt, a suit jacket and jeans. A style that our generation wears when we  go out to clubs and lounges.  However, obviously that shouldn’t be a appropriate combination of attire for us to wear to our interviews. In sharing that he explains the proper attire and etiquette for both males and females. Yes, he does go on to mention too that his client didn’t get that  job.  He also has good real-life strategies on both job hunting and displaying your tattoos.  Mayher has tattoos himself and weighs in on the body image topic.  He offers great insights and strategies on how to display your individuality and keep your positive first-impression on par, towards landing that “dream job.”

As a young adult myself, I really found the book captured the proper strategies and details anyone needs to land their “dream job.”  My coaching services offer you a chance to expand on all the topics covered in the book. As my client you’ll enjoy the following:

  •  Elevated Performance Strategiesjalcoach-icon
  •  Strategic Job Search
  •  Career Growth
  •  Career Fulfillment
  •  Interview Skills & Development
  •  Interview Preparation
  •  Self-Confidence Growth & Discovery
  •  Interpersonal Communication Skills
  •  Courage Growth & Discovery
  •  Motivation Growth & Discovery
  •  Networking Skills
  •  Negotiating Skills
  •  Goal Setting
  •  Brainstorming & Visioning
  •  Self-improvement

I also provide a mock-interview package.  The mock-interview package can be delivered in three ways by phone, Skype and a “one-on-one”, in-person.  This way together, we could practice and apply everything you’ll read about in the book.  To learn more about mock-interviews you can go here. For a free coaching consultation, or to set up your mock-interview you can go here.  Please order your copy of the wonderful and valuable book Your Career: What’s Next “The Job Seekers Step-by-step Handbook of Common Sense and Uncommon Strategies” by Michael Mayher below.

Purchase this wonderful and valuable book below:

15 great places to discover and explore inspiration, courage and motivation!

Coaching helps you find your wings, so you can fly and soar through the air, overcoming obstacles and barriers in your path.

Everyone experiences moments in their life where they are faced with adversity and setbacks. Coaching is a very valuable resource to help you sort through it all and design actions with you so you could rise to the top. So you can find your wings to help you fly and soar through the air overcoming your obstacles and barriers in your path.    Through coaching you’ll enjoy our brainstorming, discovery and exploration sessions. We’ll discover and wonderfully design action plans that provide you with positive growth and development. Your coach will partner with you to help you stay on the right track to achieve your, goals, dreams and endeavors.

15 great places to discover inspiration, courage and motivation may be explored though:

1. Art
2. Music
3. Sports
4. Movies
5. Literature
6. Nature
7. Architecture
8. Religion
9. Fitness
10. Wellness/Nutrition
11. Traveling/Trips/Vacations
12. Business
13. Personal/Private Networks
14. Family
15. Friends

The process is not simple and at times its not fast, but once you discover your inner-strength and courage you’ll find everything really starts to fall into place. All of the 15 items listed above will certainly inspire you. If you just unlocked ideas and clues it’s wonderful and you are off to a great start towards, taking that important, next-step for yourself. If you’d like a free coaching consultation you can contact me here. Let’s partner towards helping you overcome obstacles, setbacks and adversity together. If you’d like some musical inspiration you can go here.  If you would like to read some wonderful books on a few of these topics you can go here, here and here.

From Generation To cover

Here is a wonderful poetry book that embodies love, courage, overcoming obstacles, and adversity!

rob book

Clients turn to Professional Coaches for motivation, courage, and determination. Clients come to a Professional Coach to overcome obstacles, setbacks and adversity. My suite of services is your resource. For more discovery and growth into these topics, I’d like to recommend a fabulous poetry book. It captures the essence of how motivation, courage and determination brought lasting love, prosperity and a zenith reward in life.

It’s From Generation To … by Robert B. Fried.  The book captures the complete essence of Robert’s four Grandparents and their courageous survival during the Holocaust. His Grandparents lives were caught off guard; they were driven from their homes by the Nazis and brought to live in Concentration Camps. Through the deep emotional literature, and the incredible visual illustrations, you are sympathetically captivated inside a completely courageous story and moving experience.

I sat down with author Robert B. Fried to learn more about his motivation to capture the story and legacy of his Grandparents. As well, to learn more about what he learned about courage, motivation and perseverance from both their story and his own accomplishments getting his first book published. Here is what he had to say:

Joshua: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule, to sit down with me today for this interview, I appreciate it.

Robert B. Fried: You’re welcome, thanks for having me.

Joshua: So, tell everyone a little bit about your inspiration, and motivation, capturing your Grandparents story and fusing it into moving poetic art, for your first published book.

Robert B. Fried: This was a project that transformed over time. I originally wanted to put together a small pamphlet of poems that I had written on the Holocaust. My poems were written from stories told to me as a child. I would write poems throughout my childhood. As I put together the pamphlet the project grew based on other information that I compiled over the years. Such as, documents and things that were equally important to share with everybody. As this pamphlet grew, I engaged an Illustrator in the UK, Sam Wall, to help bring my poems to life visually. There were a lot of inspirations and self-perseverance to keep going with the project. I had support from my paternal grandmother who is still alive, support from my fiancé, my family and friends. It was a overall great effort and I am really proud of it today.

Joshua: What legacy and message from your Grandparents story would you like to leave behind?

Robert B. Fried: The legacy I’d like to leave behind with From Generation To … is my Grandparent’s stories, bringing them to life both in poetry which I wrote as a child and in in the collaboration with the Illustrator. I thought the poems stood well on their own. However, I wanted to make sure the reader was going to be moved by not only my words but also what I had put together with the Illustrator. Vividly I wanted to show that the scenery or events I was describing were accurately merged together.

Joshua: Is there anything else?

Robert B. Fried: Yes, with this book I’d like to leave a legacy that I helped people understand and educate them about this time period in history. A time-period we should never forget. That we should always respect others, their race, religion, creed and appreciate that we share this world together. We should live together in peace and should never see and experience the atrocities like my Grandparents and others experienced in the 1930’s and 40’s. Passing on my Grandparent’s stories from generation, to generation is very important.

Joshua: You chose a unique title for your book From Generation To … could you explain the meaning behind that?

Robert B. Fried: “From Generation To …” comes from the Jewish prayer “L’ Dor VaDor” and when the prayer is translated to English from Hebrew it means “generation to generation”. Passing on my Grandparent’s stories from generation, to generation is the importance of the overall project.

Joshua: Thank you for sharing your experience of not only the courage and determination to finish this wonderful project and turning it into literary art, but capturing your Grandparents stories of courage, determination for everyone to embrace and experience Robert.

Robert B. Fried: You’re welcome.

Clients come to a coach when they are looking to rebuild, rebrand and positively move towards a brighter future.  Clients turn to coaching to find a more fulfilled life full of happiness and love. They want to achieve all their goals, dreams and endeavors.  For free coaching consultation, you could reach me here.  I absolutely recommend that you purchase Robert B. Fried’s book, thank you Please visit Robert’s website at: You can make your purchase of this wonderful book below.