Wonderful strategies on job searching, successful interviewing and negotiating!

Your Career: What's Next?

Clients come to a Career Coach because they are looking for a resource to achieve higher performance, positive results and accomplish their goals, dreams and objectives. My company and provides young adults, 18-35 with a source to turn to when they are stuck in life, when they are noticing they have a ‘dead-end-job’ and have dreams of doing something else. My services are also a source for young adults to make career transitions out of their part-time employment and into a corporate position. It’s a place for young adults who may be in their dream career and are looking to get to that higher level and earning their promotion. I service the young adult community and assist them in designing actions that will help them accomplish and achieve all their goals. For a free coaching consultation, you can contact me here.

You could also enjoy a wonderful book that will provide you with fantastic information and expanded knowledge, towards having a successful interview and landing your “dream job.”  When you reach out to me I’d love to hear your accounts of the book, Your Career: What’s Next “The Job Seekers Step-by-step Handbook of Common Sense and Uncommon Strategies” by, Michael Mayher.  It will certainly serve as a great resource as you strive to find your job and launch your career to higher levels.  You’ll learn valuable ideas and strategies such as, how to build your “search plan.”  Other great discussions and topics include interview skills, negotiating and overcoming not getting your job offer. These are all situations that many young adults experience as they pursuit their employment endeavors.

Mayer’s book absolutely helps all young adults learn and execute great strategies.   He provides real-life examples of successes and failures of various job seekers that he has seen from working in the field.  He uses humor very well to make his points direct, clear and to engage his audience.  My  favorite example is a client that went to a management interview wearing a unbuttoned collar dress shirt, a suit jacket and jeans. A style that our generation wears when we  go out to clubs and lounges.  However, obviously that shouldn’t be a appropriate combination of attire for us to wear to our interviews. In sharing that he explains the proper attire and etiquette for both males and females. Yes, he does go on to mention too that his client didn’t get that  job.  He also has good real-life strategies on both job hunting and displaying your tattoos.  Mayher has tattoos himself and weighs in on the body image topic.  He offers great insights and strategies on how to display your individuality and keep your positive first-impression on par, towards landing that “dream job.”

As a young adult myself, I really found the book captured the proper strategies and details anyone needs to land their “dream job.”  My coaching services offer you a chance to expand on all the topics covered in the book. As my client you’ll enjoy the following:

  •  Elevated Performance Strategiesjalcoach-icon
  •  Strategic Job Search
  •  Career Growth
  •  Career Fulfillment
  •  Interview Skills & Development
  •  Interview Preparation
  •  Self-Confidence Growth & Discovery
  •  Interpersonal Communication Skills
  •  Courage Growth & Discovery
  •  Motivation Growth & Discovery
  •  Networking Skills
  •  Negotiating Skills
  •  Goal Setting
  •  Brainstorming & Visioning
  •  Self-improvement

I also provide a mock-interview package.  The mock-interview package can be delivered in three ways by phone, Skype and a “one-on-one”, in-person.  This way together, we could practice and apply everything you’ll read about in the book.  To learn more about mock-interviews you can go here. For a free coaching consultation, or to set up your mock-interview you can go here.  Please order your copy of the wonderful and valuable book Your Career: What’s Next “The Job Seekers Step-by-step Handbook of Common Sense and Uncommon Strategies” by Michael Mayher below.

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