Drive your team, courageously take ownership of your mission.

Business is all about leadership.  The individual leader is someone that all teams can embrace and trust for personal support.  They drive every team and courageously take ownership of the mission.  They are willing to teach values and collectively collaborate overcoming any obstacles towards winning.  Clients come to coaching as leaders that are seeking clues to keep the team charging forward towards their ultimate goal.  They come to a coach to grow and become more powerful.   They come to a coach to grow and become more powerful.   Leaders, embrace coaching to learn where their “blind-spots” may be and discover what strengths they can strategically leverage to maximize high performance.  Courageously leaders are motivated for growth into the symbolic-embodiment of where they see the future, and seek to discover everything it takes to get to that zenith.

westpointI’d like to recommend a wonderful book that offers some great insight into how our country grows its courageous future leaders, its West Point Leadership Lessons: Duty, Honor and other Management Principles by Scott Snair.   I discovered this book 9 years ago, while working for a large media company in the Broadcast Industry.  I was searching to learn skills and insights to become an effective leader earn a promotion and deliver quality results for my team.  I was looking to take my skills and talents to the next level.  I found the book to be very captivating.   Snair offers valuable insights into leadership, trust, and executing precise, winning results.  One of my favorite quotes from the book that I’d like to share with you is:

“In many ways, the leader is the team, serving as its rallying point, as its cheerleader for the big picture.  A conscientious team leader accepts responsibility and offers positive reinforcement whenever the team pushes a little closer to fulfilling the mission—always relating the praise and reward back to the big picture.

I’d like break down my favorite quote and explain the fusion coaching plays with leadership development. Coaching offers the leader a safe and comfortable place to refine the critical skills in delivering, what Snair calls, that “positive reinforcement”.  Coaching also teaches, the client the values, and strategies, in what Snair postulates is “relating the praise and reward back to the big picture”.  When “the leader is  the team” as Snair discusses, coaching provides a comfortable and confidential safety-net for the leader.  Coaching also is a quality source for sustainability lessons for the leader, so the leader can flourish in their role as the “cheerleader” driving their mission towards winning results.  This is just one snapshot of how the book provides wonderful actions into real-life business settings.  I know that anyone searching to rise up, and grow into a better leader, or take your career to the next level, would find great value reading West Point Leadership Lessons: Duty, Honor and other Management Principles by Scott Snair.  I offer services to young adults searching to become better leaders or grow and discover the courage to move towards those goals and objectives.  We explore and discover how to embrace fear, break out of your safety zone and courageously take that leading charge for your team.  To set up a free coaching consultation, towards taking your career to the next level, please fill out my form here.  To purchase a copy your copy of this wonderful book, please click on the image below.