Has “writer’s block” impeded your completion of résumés or cover letters?

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Clients have many needs related to writing a resume, a cover letter, a thank you note, a business plan, etc.   It can be a very stressful process.  Career coaching provides a safe, comfortable, and confidential place to get your documents built and coaching serves as a great confidential, private launching pad for taking your career to higher levels.  Career coaching is a great place to grow, discover, and explore your what motivates you, strengthen your courage and determination, and elevate your level of self-confidence.  If you would like more information related to my Career Coaching services you can go here. I would like to introduce you to Craig Wynne.  He is a writing coach who specializes in helping young adults overcome writer’s block and writing anxiety and has written fantastic articles related to the subject.  Enjoy what he has to say!

What are writing anxiety and writer’s block?

by Dr. Craig Wynne

There are many definitions for these terms, but in its simplest form, writing anxiety consists of the negative feelings that writers have when they attempt to produce ideas and words.  These feelings can prevent them from being successful in their writing.

What causes “Writing Anxiety?”

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Any number of factors can contribute to writing anxiety.  Studies have shown that, for the most part, writing anxiety is based on situational factors.  You could feel completely at ease writing a text message to your best friend or delivering a Facebook posting, but you might feel completely lost as to how to write a cover letter for that dream job.

Here are some situations that can cause writing anxiety:

  1. Adapting to a new style of writing  or a form of writing you’re not used to (a senior thesis, a cover letter, a memo, etc.)
  2. Writing for a tough audience (i.e., a professor who’s been highly critical of your work, the CEO of that company you really want to work for)
  3. Thinking about criticism you’ve received in the past (even if the person who has criticized you isn’t the audience for your writing)
  4. Tight deadlines (See “Strategies for Managing” on how to deal with those)

Strategies for Managing

  1. Ask for help. Writing doesn’t have to be a solitary act.  A career counselor can help you with a cover letter, for example.  A counselor hasn’t had his/her nose as close to the problem as you have.  An objective opinion might be able to steer you in the right direction. You can also ask your roommate, your RA, your neighbor, or even your mother!  You’ll be surprised at what an outsider’s eye can do.
  2. Avoid perfectionism.  You’ll never get your writing perfect on the first try.  Professional writers can take years to put something together.  A good method is to use the writing process: focus on the ideas first, and then move into organization and grammar.  If you’re stuck for ideas, try one of these prewriting strategies.
  3. Use time management strategies.  In other words, don’t wait until the last minute to complete your writing: this alone can create unneeded stress, no matter who your audience is.  Depending on when your piece is die, give yourself 45 minutes to an hour each day to work on it, step by step.  Give yourself a goal for each day (“Today, I’m going to construct my objective statement.” “Today, I’m going to proofread.”).    Little by little, you’ll see your piece come together, and it won’t seem like such a big climb.
  4.  If you’re getting really stressed out, stop.  You’re not going to be able to write well if you’re feeling tense.  Take a breather from it.  Go for a walk.  Eat something.  Go on Facebook for a few minutes.  Just take some time to clear your head.  When you come back, you’ll be able to approach the assignment with fresh eyes.
  5. Keep a positive frame of mind.  Even if you absolutely hate writing, keep those negative feelings at bay.  If you can think of it as an adventure with a goal in mind, it won’t seem so daunting.  You may even enjoy it!
  6. Reward yourself.  Once you’ve handed your paper in, celebrate.  Go to a movie.  Hang out with friends.  You’ve worked hard; you deserve it!

witters block illustrationDr. Wynne’s Closing Thoughts …

The final thing to keep in mind is that nearly everyone (even the best of writers) gets apprehensive about writing.  However, if you follow the suggestions listed above, you may be able to relieve a great deal of the pressure.  Even if you don’t get the job or find you’ve made a mistake, don’t let the disappointment defeat you.  Mistakes are a natural part of learning.  It’s what you do next time that counts, so keep a positive frame of mind, and you may be pleasantly surprised with the results!

Dr. Wynne has a great deal of expertise on this subject.  If you would like a Webinar on this subject and would like to learn more, you can sign up for them here. If you would like more information related to Craig’s services, you can visit his website here or click on the image below.  If you want coaching to really tackle everything discussed here one-on-one in a safe, comfortable, and confidential environment please contact me here.  We both thank you and wish you all the very best.

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A vital element in life is “trust” …

Clients turn and seek out Coaches to improve and be more successful with many private and personal skills.  A very vital element in the business world is “trust” its often a great first place for anyone to begin their transformation aspirations and endeavors as they begin their coaching journey.  My reason for addressing that is there are formal coaching agreements that includes a contract once we begin our sessions together.  There is confidentiality and non-disclosure which we both agree to in the contracting process.  All that makes our sessions private and secure so your growth, development and goals are fully protected.  You and I need to establish a firm “trust” in order to build a devoted partnership with each other.  A wonderful book on this topic is The Speed of Trust: One Thing That Changes Everything by Steven M.R. Covey.  Its a book for those that find that they could really reach people in their family, business or community more effectively.  Its a resource for those that are driven to grow and establish a quality network of reliable and credible, units and teams.  Please read this book, it will be very valuable for you, and provide you with wonderful strategies to apply to your life and your career.  Its also designed for those that are successful, and aim to deliver consistent, positive results.

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My favorite part of this terrific book is Covey’s Credibility Questionnaire.  He identifies “Four Cores of Credibility” and they are:

  1. Integrity
  2. Intent
  3. Capabilities
  4. Results

His questionnaire is built and designed with questions into all those “Four Cores of Credibility.” When you take it, you rate yourself on a scale of 1-5.  He has put together five specific questions in each core.  At the end, you’ll come up with total scores within each of “The Four Cores of Credibility.” Those scores will essentially be a “snapshot” into where you are right now at this period of time, within a specific core.  When you add up all your total core scores you see a full “snapshot” into where you are now, at this very time.  You’ll learn about what you need to do to be more trustworthy.  As you move through the wonderful book, The Speed of Trust: One Thing That Changes Everything, by Steven M.R. Covey, you will be able to deepen and expand your knowledge of “trust” and improve your knowledge of Covey’s “Four Cores of Credibility.” He will explain and breakdown the questionnaire and its content making the reading experience very interactive.  First-hand, you will also start to make tremendous growth, establishing natural improved personal habits.  Enjoy and embrace your journey into the application of the skills discussed in this book.  I believe you will see a delivery of better “trust” results in your personal life.  You may discover “trust” is a key component that has been a “blind-spot” for you and has held you back from achieving incredible goals, objectives, dreams and endeavors.

Personally, I found The Speed of Trust: One Thing That Changes Everything, by Steven M.R. Covey to be extremely valuable to my personal and private growth in both my professional and private life.  I really found considerable value in what Covey’s Questionnaire results were.  Learning those scores motivated me to learn more about what I need to do differently, and his book shared wonderful “real-life” examples of how to make direct improvements and have better results.  Together we can use this book and Covey’s Questionnaire in our coaching sessions.  For a free coaching consultation you can contact me here.   If you would like to order a copy of your Covey’s book you can click on the image below.  I wish you all the very best, thank you.



Take a snapshot and discover where you are on life’s journey!

Hi, this is your coach Josh Lissauer.  I have built and designed a tool to help you see a “snapshot” into discovering where you are on your journey in life, in your careers, and how you could enjoy the benefits of my suite of coaching services.  In designing it, I chose to breakdown my Career and Life Coaching Services in to four distinct categories.  By doing that you can choose to do a focused learning, discovering scores in only one category, a few categories or complete the full questionnaire.  My recommendation is to enjoy the freedom and flexibility in how you use it.  It’s also designed to enable you to come back to it as you see fit and find out where you are since your first “snapshot”.  You are in complete control of what you want to get out of the experience.

Capturing the Landscape at Monument Valley

You can access or download a .pdf copy of the free Client Questionnaire by clicking here. Doing that will help you follow along as I break everything down.

So, here are the four main categories of the Client Questionnaire:

  1. Job Searching & Interviewing
  2. Personal Growth & Self Improvement
  3. Career Development
  4. Career & Life Goals

First, begin the Questionnaire by asking yourself, do I want to examine just one of the four main categories?  Or, do I want a complete and comprehensive “snapshot” into all of them?  The questions in each category enables you to rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 5.  Five being the highest level of satisfaction.   I encourage you enjoy the freedom to see where you are in one “specific category”.  You’ll uncover where you are right now, in your life, and or in your career.  This Questionnaire enables you to get the results by seeing and understanding where you rate on a certain concept, or skill, found within all the questions. Through our coaching you’ll learn and make wonderful growth and strides, with the potential to notice improved scores in the future when decide to re-take the questionnaire.

When you as the “questionnaire taker” reach out to me to schedule coaching, you’ll have my unconditional support, my valued trust, and a maintained confidentiality.   That will enable you to have the freedom to grow and blossom, showing everyone what a wonderful and successful person, you absolutely are!  Our initial conversation could go something like this:

You: “Josh, I took your Client Questionnaire and I gave myself a ‘so, so’ for ‘Self-Confidence’ in the ‘Personal Growth & Self Improvement Category’.  I really would like to work with you and make improvements in that area, moving forward.”

Me: “Why absolutely, you came to the right place, what does your schedule look like?”

So, by reaching out and taking that step and completing a “specific category” you will discover and uncover what could bring you from a “3 to a 4”.  Later, as we partner, and you re-take the questionnaire, you’ll notice your progress within that category as you experience your accomplishments.  You’ll perform actions and commitments within your post-coaching-session-experiments that will enable you to improve your habits, and enhance your learning and development of each skill. You’ll make growth, and progress, and accomplish all your goals.

Beyond just that freedom of coaching sessions related to a “specific category”, you can also reach out to me for coaching after taking the “full questionnaire”.  That will enable you to see a larger and wider “snapshot” of yourself.  You’ll discover more insights into “each category” and into yourself.  You’ll enjoy making accomplishments both in your life, and in your career.  You’ll really see where you’d like make improvements and growth towards achieving a healthy work-life balance.  With the “full snapshot”, you’ll then be able to identify more things, that you’d like to work on and gain out of your coaching experience.  As you move forward, towards making your life, your career, your dreams, and all your endeavors a reality, I will provide complete trust and support to you!

Our conversation related to coaching based on your completion of a “full questionnaire” could go something like this:

You: “Josh, I took your Client Questionnaire and I found my overall score had pretty low satisfaction in 2 categories: Personal Growth & Self Improvement” and “Career Development, I do feel I could move forward and be more successful these areas, can you help?”

Me: “Why absolutely, you came to the right place, what does your schedule look like?”


I hope you get a lot of value in the learning and discovery that will come from the Client Questionnaire which is built and designed just for you. Again, I think its a wonderful a tool to help you discover seeing where you are in life and where you are in your career.  The Questionnaire will help enjoy the benefits of Professional Coaching.

  • For feedback, you can e-mail a downloaded questionnaire to: josh@jalcoaching.com.
  • If you have any questions or comments please send an e-mail to: josh@jalcoaching.com, or call: 516-297-7152
  • Once completed Joshua will be in touch to discuss and explore your future goals, moving forward. 
  •  To see my suite of coaching services you can go here.
  • To learn more about me you can visit my Bio Page. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.

For a free coaching consultation you can contact Joshua here or by clicking on the banner below.