PRNFM Interview: w/ Founder & Coach Joshua A. Lissauer – Part 2

Recently, I had another opportunity to be a guest on The Professionals Radio Network – PRNFM.  I had an interview with Stephanie Mitchell, the host of the show: “The Professionals Roundtable”.   Stephanie and I discussed some hot questions relating to Coaching such as: What is Coaching? What are the differences between Coaching and other Services Professions? Plus finally, how is coaching delivered and what does the Coaching Process look like?  I also had the opportunity to go into detail and explain the all types of Career and Life Coaching Services that Joshua A. Lissauer Coaching, LCC provides.  Finally, we also talked about some of the benefits people enjoy from from working with a Professional Career and Life Coach.  You can check out the entire radio show below!

Please stay-tuned!  There will be 1 more interview to come in July.  If you want to catch any of the other show appearances you can go here.  July 28th at 1pm.  Personally, I’d like to thank PRNFM for this great opportunity and their cordial hospitality!

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