Winslow Dynamics Profile Assessment

WRI Logo - Hi RezJoshua is an ICF Certified Coach and is a Certified Facilitator of the Winslow Dynamics Profile Assessment.  The Winslow Dynamics Profile Assessment measures 24 different Personality Traits.  That provides an incredible opportunity to build a comprehensive Personal Development Plan that can impact your Life Coaching or Career Coaching Sessions.

The four articles below answer 4 FAQs related to the Winslow Profile Assessment:

  1. What is the Winslow Dynamics Profile Assessment?
  2. How can the Winslow Dynamics Profile benefit yourself as an individual?
  3. How can the Winslow Dynamics Profile have positive impacts for your team and group?
  4. Can the Winslow Dynamics Profile benefit your entire organization as a whole?

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  • If you would like to schedule a Consultation related to the Winslow Dynamics Profile Assessment, please click here.
  • The Winslow Dynamics Profile Assessment is USD 130.00. It covers a pre-assessment coaching session, the assessment and a debrief coaching session.
  • Please note, if you purchase a Career or Life Coaching Plan for three months, you can add the Assessment to your Coaching Plan for USD 65.00.  That is a 50% discount.
  • If you have any questions e-mail Joshua at
  • You can contact Joshua at 516-297-7152.

For a free consultation, you can contact Joshua A. below.

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PRNFM Interview: w/ Founder & Coach Joshua A. Lissauer – Part 3

Recently, I had another opportunity to be a guest on The Professionals Radio Network – PRNFM.  I had an interview with Stephanie Mitchell and Mike Davis, hosts of the show: “The Professionals Roundtable”.   Stephanie, Mike and I discussed some hot questions relating to Coaching such as: How can the success of the coaching process be measured? How you can determine if a Coach is the right fit for you? Plus, how to ensure a compatible partnership with a coach?  We also had the opportunity to go into detail and explain some of the types of Career and Life Coaching Services that Joshua A. Lissauer Coaching, LCC provides.  Finally, we also talked about some of the benefits people enjoy from from working with a Professional Career and Life Coach.  You can check out the entire radio show below!

If you want to catch any of the other show appearances you can go here.  Personally, I’d like to thank PRNFM for this great opportunity and their cordial hospitality!

For a free coaching consultation you can contact Joshua A. here or via the banner below. Logo-Banner28