Cultural Enlightenment Coaching Package

001632_ILLAre you looking for inspiration? Do you relate and work efficiently across cultures? Have you discovered your life purpose? Good thing you came here! I provide a coaching package that is designed to coach you through your Cultural Intelligence journey in one month or more. Its customized for expanding, enhancing and discovering your life purpose. Below is a list of the many benefits you can enjoy from the Cultural Enlightenment Coaching Package.   They are:

  • Elevated Performance Strategies
  • Planning – Work & Life
  • Goal Setting
  • Career Growth & Fulfillment
  • Self-Confidence Growth & Discovery
  • Deep Cultural Experiences – Art, Music, Dance, Cuisines, Sports, Language & Literature
  • Profound Cultural Exposure – Art, Music, Dance, Sports, Cuisines, Langage & Literature
  • Communication Skills & Development
  • Active Listening Skills & Development
  • Courage Growth & Discovery
  • Motivation Growth & Discovery
  • Personal Branding & Re-branding Strategies
  • Networking Skills
  • Leadership Growth & Development Strategies
  • Brainstorming & Visioning
  • Unlocking and discovering your life’s purpose.
  • Self-improvement Strategies
  • Health & Wellness
  • Emotional Intelligence Growth & Discovery
  • Cultural Intelligence Growth & Discovery

Coaching is an invitation for people to step into their greatness, strengthen their Cultural Intelligence and embrace new ideas. It’s an opportunity to learn how to relate better and work across cultures.  In the package, you’ll focus on embracing cross-cultural art, music, sports, and literature. The coaching acts as your safety-net to organize your fusion of the expanded experiences and discoveries. The sessions can span over the course of one month or more. Scheduling and contracting will be arranged during our consultation. All meetings are at an affordable price for young adults.

This package includes a visioning and brainstorming planning session. Then we follow that with a designed action.  You participate in an experience related to enlightening your Cultural Intelligence. Then, you’ll bring that experience into our second coaching session.  Another planned action also follows that second coaching session.  There, you can continue your active participation in an experience related to expanding your Cultural Intelligence. Finally, we’ll conclude with a “post-journey” coaching session. In the final meeting, we’ll discuss how you’ll fuse your entire experience into your life and career goals and dreams.

This special package invites you to learn, explore, discover and envision what new cultural experiences you would like to embrace and find.  It gives you an opportunity to “zero-in” on your goals, dreams, and endeavors related to your life purpose.  It motivates and encourages you to embrace culture and diversity within your global community.  You’ll benefit and enjoy having an expanded social network, positive community presence and grow powerful leadership skills along the way as well. When you go out on your own and experience your designed action or activity, you could choose to embrace diversity many different ways. For example, you can want to experience this through:

  • Exploring and reading international literature.
  • Discovering and taking in the beauty of nature.
  • Watching cross-cultural cinema.
  • Learning and unlocking an appreciation for world music.
  • Participating in a unique international sport.
  • Volunteering and working at cross-cultural events and causes.
  • Appreciating and learning about world art.
  • Learning and appreciating cultural dances.
  • Learning how to prepare different international cuisines.

Please note, you’ll only be for paying for our Coaching Sessions. This package doesn’t cover any overhead expenses.  Any of the cross-culture designed actions you choose to participate in during your learning experience are strictly your out-of-pocket expenses. For example, you’ll only be responsible for paying for just our private Coaching Sessions. Out-of-pocket costs are the following: any travel, tickets or purchases related to your designed actions.

  • The Cultural Enlightenment Coaching Package spans one month or more.
  • All Coaching starts at USD 170.00 per month.

For a free coaching consultation, you can contact Joshua A. below.

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