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businessmans group planetYou can enjoy many benefits from Executive Coaching. They could be the following:

  • Elevated Team Performance Strategies
  • Career Growth & Fulfillment
  • Self-Confidence Growth & Discovery
  • Communication Skills & Development
  • Active Listening Skills & Development
  • Courage Growth & Discovery
  • Motivation Growth & Discovery
  • Feelings of being stuck in life or in your career
  • Personal Branding & Rebranding Strategies
  • Networking Skills
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Leadership Growth & Development Strategies
  • Goal Setting
  • Brainstorming & Visioning
  • Feelings of being lost inside your career or in life
  • Self-improvement Strategies
  • Emotional Intelligence Growth & Discovery
  • Cultural Intelligence Growth & Discovery

Executive Coaching is a dynamic process that encompasses a multi-dimensional, interrelationships among the individual, the organization and the coach. The process involves the client’s effectiveness with goals to establish effective communication, construct a clear vision and accomplish large goals. While at the same time, throughout the executive coaching process we build commitment, expand networks, and grow relationship. To ensure clients receive get enjoy benefits from the process, the coach gives the client an unconditional positive regard.

My services are conducted in 1 hour sessions that span across number of months. The short-term plan would be three months. A six month plan would be a long-term growth and discovery journey. All plans can end at any time. The coaching sessions are completely devoted towards all your desires. Scheduling and contracting will be arranged during our consultation. All sessions are at an affordable price for everyone. To see how the benefits of coaching and my services can be for you, please take my client questionnaire.

With each 3 or 6 month plan you’ll also get a free mock/practice session.  You can choose from Résumé  and Business Writing; to a Mock-Interview; a Mock-Negotiation and or even a Mock-Presentation.  These practice and “mock” opportunities enable you to get private practice with important career skills.  I’ll provide feedback to you in each practice or “mock” session.  This will enables you to see where you can grow and discover more successful approaches.  That practice is another opportunity to advance towards accomplishing your goals and dreams.  Its critical to perform at your very best everyday of your career.

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