Meyers Briggs Type Indicator ®

Joshua is an ICF Credentialed Coach and is a Certified Practitioner of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)® Assessment.  The MBTI® Assessment measures 16 different Personality Types.  That provides an incredible opportunity to discover insights into yourself and how you interact with individuals. That knowledge can impact both your Life and your Career.  The MBTI® fused into your Life Coaching, or Career Coaching Sessions is a major step in the journey towards flourishing and accomplishing all your dreams and endeavors.

The video and three articles below answer FAQs related to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator®:

  • How can the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® benefit yourself as an individual?
  • How can the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® have positive impacts on your team and group?
  • Can the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® benefit your entire organization as a whole?
  • What is the Myers Briggs Type Indicator®?

Allie’s Story


Creating Clarity: Addressing Misconceptions about the MBTI®Assessment by Patrick.L.Kerwin


Hallmark Cards Case Study

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  • Please note, if you purchase a Career or Life Coaching Plan for three months, you can add the Assessment to your Coaching Plan for USD 45.00.
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